Sensor Applications

Human Action Recognition: New small, low cost motion sensors have enabled the development of new devices to continuously measure human actions, such as activity monitoring devices and video gaming controllers. The significant challenge in such systems is to accurately translate the raw sensor data into the corresponding human action. In significant testing across multiple individuals ARC™ has demonstrated state-of-the-art human action recognition accuracy in this application. Learn More

Face Recognition: Lighting variations, pose angle and facial expressions have historically limited the accuracy of automatic face recognition systems. Over the past year ARC™ technology has achieved state-of-the-art recognition accuracy in challenging real world conditions.

Health Care: New wearable sensor systems are emerging to continuously monitor a patient's health condition. ARC™ technology can be used to recognize health conditions in the data to support emergency or long term care management.

Data Mining Applications

Politics: Campaign managers must decide on the best way to reach voters with limited funding. ARC™ can be used to analyze demographic data to determine the best way to target voters and win elections. As an example, survey data was analyzed using ARC™ to find subtle patterns that accurately predicted undecided voter preferences and the resulting election outcome several months in advance.

Investing: Traders in stock, commodities, and currency markets must be able to quickly digest and understand a constant stream of information in order to make the best possible trading decisions. ARC™ technology can be integrated into trading platforms to help you make the right buy, sell, or hold decisions.